Movement and Gait Lab

The School of Rehabilitation Sciences Movement and Gait Lab is a facility that is dedicated to the study of human body movement to further understand movement, gait and its abnormalities. Using cutting edge techniques, students and faculty can perform custom modeling, use assistive devices and be informed of therapeutic and surgical interventions. The purpose of this in-lab study is to further promote student research in how they can evaluate and prescribe mobility interventions that promote overall patient well-being.


Cardiorespiratory Assessment in Children with Disabilities


To validate the Non-Exercise Test questionnaire against a portable gas analyzer (K5, COSMED, Italy) during a 6-minute-walk-test in children with motor disabilities.

UIW Investigator: Dr. Alexis Ortiz
UIW DPT student investigators: Isabel Gracia, Willie Lopez, Juan Ortiz, Megan Vargas
Funded by The Texas Physical Therapy Foundation

Effectiveness of blood flow restriction (BFR) training on balance, knee stability, strength, and aerobic performance during aerobic cycling exercise in healthy adults


  1. Compare physical performance measures of balance, isokinetic muscle strength, knee stability, and aerobic capacity between cycling exercise with and without BFR.
  2. Compare physical performance measures between performing cycling exercise at 60% versus 80% blood flow occlusion.
  3. Compare physical performance measures between bilateral BFR versus single-leg BFR during a cycling protocol.

UIW Investigators: Drs. Alexis Ortiz and Jason Winchester
UIW DPT Investigators: David Calderón, Gian Cruz, Blake Doughtie, Nicole Hoppe, Jovannah Ortiz, Savannah Nickel, Wesley Okeke, Derek Wengert

Funded by The Texas Society of Allied Health Professions and The Texas Physical Therapy Foundation